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Donations to the Group

The Group always welcomes the opportunity to view any old photographs, film clips, or the like, taken of the local area. As there are facilities to scan/copy any photograph, the Group would not need to keep the originals. Presently there are over 3000 photographs on the system with many still to be entered.

If you are considering donating or lending material to the Group, please contact any member. Please remember to include the year the photograph was taken, include any facts about the event, names of people in the photograph etc as this will help with cross-referencing on the system. We are always grateful of any donations, particulary this year with reference to relatives involved in the First World War any photographs, postcards letters etc are welcome. We can photograph uniforms or other items or any objects of interest.

Guest Speakers

If your group or organisation is seeking a Guest Speaker for a function, the group are well versed in the local history of the area and have a huge selection of old and modern images across a variety of topics which can be shown as a slideshow and talk.

The group also offers reminiscence talks on a wide variety of topics, including 'of the era' dresses for the part as well as props to pass around, play with and chat about. Everything from 'Washday' to 'Transport' , 'Fashion' to 'Schooldays' and everyone always ends up joining in with popular songs, ditties or adverts of the day.


  • Chairman and Local History Speaker - Vacant
  • Vice Chairman and postcard collector - Robert Jermy
  • Treasurer and Family Research - Kathy Stacey
  • Family Research - Jayne Greenacre
  • Fundraising and Family Research - Jackie Clover
  • Events and Reminiscence Talks - Angela Bishop
  • Committee Member - Vacant


Thompsons garage Old Road in the 1920s


Victorian Jubilee Monument looking towards Crossways Terrace

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